A MEGA pebble snake is forming in Devizes.

In just under two weeks, it has gone from just a head and a couple of body rocks to more than 750 pebbles.

It wiggles around Charter Road, alongside the canal off Windsor Drive.

It was started by Melanie Lister, and her two children Ella, six, and Austin, three.

"It is incredible and has brought so much joy to people in Devizes," said Melanie of Marina Close. "We go down there every other days and have a picnic, and when we are there we see five or six families come and either add pebbles to it, or come to see the ones they have put there already.

"It is really special, and I am asking the council if we see if we can sink it into the ground permanently. "It will be a lovely reminder for us all."

A Pewsey Mum’s hobby of painting pebbles has taken off. Nicci Young started painting pebbles two years ago when she had her baby boy, and she has carried on placing them around the village.