Melksham Town Council has elected a new mayor through a virtual vote.

Cllr Pat Aves of the Liberal Democrats was elected as the new mayor of Melksham at last night's (June 1) full council meeting with independent Cllr Geoff Mitcham as her deputy.

It was expected that Cllr Mitcham was due to take over as mayor, but Cllr Michael Sankey withdrew his nomination with the consent of both Cllr Mitcham and his seconder, Cllr Sue Brown.

It is convention for deputies are elected to serve a year in office as mayor – although this is still subject to a vote at full council.

Cllr Jon Hubbard was then nominated by Cllr Sankey to serve a second term as mayor, however, in a vote of eight to seven, Cllr Aves was elected as mayor.

Cllr Aves becomes the first mayor elected in the town via a virtual meeting, due to the restrictions put in place by the coronavirus.

New mayor Cllr Aves said: "I would like to thank everyone for taking part in that nail-biting example of the democratic process at work.

"In the past, there have been some very good mayors and deputies and it is my intention to live up to their examples.

"Together, with yourselves, all the councillors present, I hope we can all work together as a team to represent the people of Melksham."

Cllr Vanessa Fiorelli (Lib Dems) was then elected as the leader of Melksham Town Council with Cllr Adrienne Westbrook (Lib Dems) as deputy leader.