A MARKET LAVINGTON Dad who moved into a garden cabin to protect his disabled daughter has been shortlisted for an ‘epic dad’ award.

Darren Chillery-Watson, who owns a business delivering Covid-19 tests, samples, bloods and military equipment, has been living in a cabin since March 16 to keep his six year old daughter Carmela safe.

Voting is now open for Wagon Wheel’s Epic Dad of The Year Award, and Darren is amongst the five extraordinary dads to be shortlisted.

"I don't think I'm epic at all," said Darren. "I'm just a daddy who like every daddy everywhere is just trying to support his family to the best if his ability. If I am epic it's only because I have an epic wife and an epic daughter pushing me forward."

Key worker, Darren recently appeared on Channel 4’s Unsung Heroes documentary revealing the sacrifices he has made to protect his vulnerable daughter during the current crisis. He says he is coping well with the fame.

"Apart from having to get my agent to answer all my correspondence now game hasn't changed me at all!" he joked.

"Seriously the good thing about it, is that it has brought more awareness to people that I know. They have a better understanding of what our family life is like and some of our fears and worries. I actually had somebody from Melksham who I didn't know find me on LinkedIn and offer me a bed and mattress for the cabin which was a really nice gesture."

Meanwhile, Carmela has been nominated for Positive Role Model in the disability category with ITV National Diversity Awards.

The Market Lavington youngster who suffers from a rare and progressive muscle wasting condition is a fearless fund raiser for Muscular Dystrophy UK.

“She does so much with a positive attitude even though she is fighting a losing battle,” said her Mum Lucy.

Carmela is convinced her Dad also deserves an award and agrees that he is, indeed, epic.

"Yes," she said. "I love my daddy because he is funny and silly.

"He dresses up as a fairy and plays with me and my dollies.

"Daddy has also had to stay away from me for so long I haven't had a cuddle or high five for ages."