AS social distancing measures remain in place, young people have been taking part in live performing arts classes with their teachers. The new branch of stagecoachathome is connecting students in Trowbridge and Westbury to their Stagecoach friends and teachers whilst providing them with a creative outlet.

Just like classes at the venue would, the live classes cover singing, dancing and acting in an interactive and safe virtual environment. The students have a variety of creative themes to hone their performance skills. They are run on Zoom and cater for four-20-year-olds in three different stages. Currently around 70 children are enjoying the Saturday sessions.

The virtual classes have been designed to support children in lockdown and provide a safe online community, activity and a creative outlet, essential for mental wellbeing and confidence building.

Freddie Underwood, principal of Stagecoach Trowbridge, Frome & Westbury, said: “We are so happy to be continuing our lessons to a fantastic community of young performers and parents. While we can’t hold classes at the venue, we love to bring Stagecoach to our students’ living room and offer them something different. We have over 60 households taking part every Saturday. Our goal is to ensure each student continues their passion, builds up skills and self-confidence, and finds a creative outlet in these unusual times.”

For more information about Stagecoach Trowbridge, Frome & Westbury, please visit their website or contact Principal Freddie Underwood on 01249 714333.