MORE than 1,000 books are being swapped at a pop-up bookstop in Royal Wootton Bassett.

Kirsty Grainger wanted to get people into reading again while they had the time in lockdown.

So with a little help from the Co-operative in the high street, she displayed a selection of books outside the store for people to swap.

The mum-of-two who lives in Milton’s Way said: “The idea was a combination of two things, my mum really missed the library being open. When I was a child she would take us to the library every week and we would get through them so quickly. She still goes.

“My son goes to Royal Wootton Bassett Academy and they sent an email round saying that they’re starting a points system for every book a child reads, and that’s what made me think to do the book swap.

“Books can be a lifeline for some people, especially at the moment when there’s nothing to do and some can’t leave their homes. I wanted to bring books back to the town while we’re all in lockdown.”

All libraries have been closed since March and it’s uncertain when they will open up again.

She started off with just 80 books outside the store but now more than 1,000 have been swapped.

Kirsty said: “The people at the Cooperative have been absolutely brilliant, they said it wouldn’t be a problem and so the bookstop was born.

“It’s just been outstanding to see the amount of people getting involved. I can’t get over it and they’ve been telling me how helpful it has been for them.”

A selection ranging from Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Horrible Histories to novels by thriller writer James Patterson have been put out.

She said: “Wootton Bassett is not as conservative as you might think. We have had quite a few selections of adult books put into the pile which makes me laugh a bit.”

Kirsty's idea has gone down well with readers in the town and she's had plenty of feedback on social media from people telling her they love it.

“For me this just showed that this situation has brought people together.

"They’re willing to help each other out and get on with everything despite what’s going on and I just really like the fact that it’s shown we have a very good community,” she said.

Anyone who wants to join in the swapping scheme is being advised to stay two metres apart while browsing, wipe clean any book they decide to take, then wait three days before reading and make sure they wash their hands.