TWO ghostly figures marching together were seen on Battlesbury Hill on June 18 - the 205th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo.

They were not figments of imagination or apparitions from the past, but Rob Yuill from Warminster and Paul Biggin from Melksham.

The pair - both members of the re-enactment group the Napoleonic Association - walked to raise money for a national charity called Waterloo Uncovered.

Dressed in the uniforms and carrying the marching equipment of a Rifleman from the 95th Rifle Regiment and a Private from the 1st Regiment of foot, The Royal Scots, they walked a total of 6.5 miles taking in Battlesbury, Middle and Scratchbury Hills.

Waterloo Uncovered is a charity that combines world-class archaeology with veteran care and recovery, an idea that is close to both Rob and Paul’s hearts as both are army veterans.

Mr Yuill, 50, of Hillwood Lane, said: “We are just two of many who have walked to raise money for this amazing charity. I have seen first-hand the brilliant work they do to help our veterans and it was appropriate to do our march on the Anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo, over some of Warminster’s own archaeological sites.” Although Mr Biggins, 56, was heard to complain about the rain a few times, they completed the 6.5 miles with a smile on their faces and even a thumbs up for the camera at their halfway point, Waterloo Lines.

Similar fundraising efforts around the country by ex-army veterans have helped raise nearly £13,000 for the charity.

As well as the walk on Thursday, Mr Yuill went to Bath and visited three graves of soldiers who fought at the Battle of Waterloo.

He laid a posy of flowers and his son Matthew Yuill read a prayer from his Army Cadet Force prayer book.

The following weekend would have seen several thousand Napoleonic Association re-enactors authentically camping at Waterloo in Belgium to recreate the famous battle. Mr Yuill added: "Due to Covid-19 and lockdown across Europe this did not take place so to keep the spirits of our fellow re-enactors up and to boost the coffers of the charity Waterloo Uncovered we also organised a virtual event that took place on Saturday, June 20.

"Called Waterloo Wherever, we organised it as a Facebook event, inviting Napoleonic re-enactors from all over the world to join us on the day, virtually.

"Many put up tents in their back gardens, as we did, posted pictures of them taking part in arms drills and joined in on Zoom get togethers, whether it was for a general chat or to watch videos made by fellow re-enactors about the Battle of Waterloo.

"Facebook check-ins came from England, Scotland, Wales, Belgium, France, Spain, Canada, America and even the Canary Islands .

"All we asked for those who ‘attended’ was a donation to Waterloo Uncovered. The final total for this was £349 plus gift aid."

Altogether, Mr Yuill raised £720 plus gift aid for Waterloo Uncovered.