Holt and Staverton Parish councillors are working hard to establish a safe cycling and pedestrian link between the villages.

The Parish Councils have put proposals to create the 'missing link' to Wiltshire Council to fund the project from the government’s initiative to further encourage walking and cycling.

Residents have shown their support for the proposals by responding to a survey organised by Staverton councillor and avid cyclist, Lindsay Shaw.

"No cyclist or pedestrian likes to use the current route along the B3106 between the cereal factory and Holt. It is a dangerous stretch of road, too narrow, has blind corners, with speeding cars and large commercial vehicles," he said.

“The new route really completes the ‘missing link’, as it connects the very good cycleways in Trowbridge town with the fabulous cycle routes of rural north Wiltshire."

“Great Chalfield Manor, Lacock Abbey and Corsham Court all become accessible for family cyclists.”

Cllr Trevor Carbin, who has led the initiative said: “The proposal is not new.

“The councils have wanted to complete the ‘missing link’ between Holt and Staverton for a long time.

“So the current proposal is 'ready to go', and catches the new mood for increased cycling and walking.”

Cllr Shaw said that the exact route is still under discussion between all the stakeholders.

He added: "The preference for the councils is for walkers and cyclists to be able to travel between Holt and Staverton without having to use the B3106 or cross the Avon at the traffic-lit bridge at Cereal Partners.

"The recommendation from the previous Sustrans report is for a new route east of the railway line, and crossing the river Avon via a new bridge."