TRAVELLERS have invaded a children's play park in Chippenham.

They have cut through the gate chain and parked up 8-10 caravans with towing vehicles at the park just off Manor Road.

Police have been informed and a spokeswoman said: "We are aware of approximately 15 caravans at Little Battens Park in Chippenham.

"Officers carried out regular patrols overnight and Wiltshire Council have been made aware."

Although the play park is closed to local children because of the Covid-19 coronavirus lockdown, it is still open to dog walkers.

Comments on social media suggest that locals are concerned about anti-social behaviour and the travellers causing a nuisance.

Some residents commented that they were playing loud music until gone 1am this morning and the fire service attended in the early hours of today.

Suzie Stanley said: "Two policemen visited the site this morning. Local residents are understandably nervous."

It is not known whether they are the same group of travellers who parked up near a Trowbridge secondary school yesterday.

On Wednesday, a group of travellers parked up in a car park shared by the Clarendon Academy School and Trowbridge Sports Centre in Trowbridge.

David Cade, deputy head of the Clarendon Academy said: “The travellers left by mid-day yesterday.

“They were really understanding when we approached them in the morning to voice our concerns about safeguarding.

“The police came down and asked them to move on by mid-day, which they did and they were gone.”