Marlborough skatepark is one step closer to getting winter-time lighting.

At Marlborough Town Council’s meeting on June 29, the council voted in favour of installing floodlights at the skatepark – something that councillors said has been in demand since 1987.

During the consultation the town council received 161 responses, of which, 74 per cent of those responses supported the proposal.

It was reported at the meeting that it was largely those living near the skatepark that opposed the plans.

Cllr Hall said: “I think this has been promised to the kids for quite a long time now and we should press on and do it.

“I accept that the immediate neighbours might have some objections, but I think their fears are largely unfounded.

“This lighting would not be going on late into the night and it wouldn’t be used in the summer time. It would just be used in the winter to allow the kids to use the skatepark during the dark evenings.”

Additionally, an acoustic survey of the skatepark which was carried out to address Wiltshire Council concerns during the pre-application planning stage concluded that there were no serious issues in terms of unacceptable noise.

It was mentioned, however, that there were fears over anti-social behaviour in the car park and it was suggested that the police up their patrols in the area.

“Hopefully having lights there would deter people who are hell bent on disturbing youngsters doing whatever they are doing, whether it be drug dealing or whatever,” said Cllr Susie Price.

Another concern from residents that arose during the consultation was the time at which the lights would be on.

Town Clerk, Shelley Parker said that on the consultation referred to a suggestion of 9pm during winter.

Now that the town council will look to get quotes for the work and submit a planning application to Wiltshire Council.