ITALIAN eating place Prezzo is opening its doors again tomorrow (Thursday), one of only 35 outlets from the chain's 180 nationwide.

Diners will be able to eat inside and out, and the chain has introduced a number of measures to ensure socially distanced dining and keep customers and staff safe.

All menus will now be disposable to ensure no contamination; there is digital ordering from a smartphone or tablet using the QR code displayed on each table as well as wait staff taking orders if people prefer; social distancing markers, hand sanitiser units, and posters with Public Health England advice are on display and the restaurants is now cashless. Customers can settle their bill using Apple Pay or Android Pay, contactless cards or Chip and PIN.

“We can’t wait to welcome back our much-missed customers to Trowbridge.” said Karen Jones, Prezzo's executive chairman. “Our sole focus is to blend safe and healthy working practices with proper hospitality to give our people confidence and our customers a wonderful, enjoyable return to Prezzo."

Diners will be able to enjoy some new additions to the menu; a new calamari recipe, four new pizzas (including veggie and vegan options), a new chicken burger, plus new cocktails and coolers, plus vegan spaghetti bolognese (also available with gluten free pasta), plus a Summer Set Menu.