CROFTON Beam Engines are opening up again from Saturday but it’s not yet full steam ahead.

During the lockdown period work has been going on to give visitors an even better experience during their visit, but the engines won’t be in steam for the remainder of this season because of the difficulty of obeying social distancing.

The Engine House and grounds have a brand new set of informative interpretation panels helping all ages to get the most from their visit to Crofton and there will be additional video displays in the Engine House showing more detail of the working and history of the site.

Crofton has been working with Bath University and AWE Aldermaston on a revolutionary scheme to make detailed measurements of the engines at work.

This information will allow better planning of the conservation tasks and, in what is possibly a world first, the showing of a live playback of data collected during a steaming run.

Crofton’s branch chairman, Graham Snook, agreed that this has been a very difficult year for many heritage venues.

“We had a great year of fantastic events planned for 2020 and this has had to be re-thought to allow us to handle the current Covid-19 situation,” he said.

“A lot of effort has gone in behind the scenes to allow visitors to explore Crofton and enjoy all of the new features we now have in safety.

“There are negatives of course but there is a whole lot of positive things that our work with the industrial partners and The Heritage Lottery Fund have provided. There is plenty of reason to visit Crofton .”