MARLBOROUGH Town councillors have pushed back on plans to widen High Street pavements which would mean the loss of free parking.

Wiltshire Council has proposed the scheme under the Re-opening the High Street Safely Scheme, but it has been asked to reconsider the plans following objections from many traders who fear the move will lose them valuable business.

Marlborough council is now asking that there should only be widening of pavements with bollards to give space to those cafes, pubs and restaurants wanting it.

In addition it is asking that the situation in Kingsbury Street around the Bike Shop and The Parade be addressed in terms of improving safety and that safety signage be included in the scheme, including installation of sanitizer stations as soon as possible.

Councillors also want the agreed process for future monitoring of the scheme be clarified by Wiltshire Council so the impact of the scheme on the town can be assessed and amended accordingly.

The planning committee met on Monday via Zoom.