A NINE-year-old boy has been left bitterly disappointed after being unable to celebrate his birthday at an indoor play centre in Melksham - and his equally upset mum wants her money back.

Julie Boundey, 42, had booked a party at the Boomerang indoor play centre at Bowerhill for her son Aston, his elder sister Riley, 12, his dad Brian Congerton, and eight friends.

The party was cancelled when Boomerang closed in mid-March because of the Covid-19 coronavirus lockdown.

Now Miss Boundey and scores of other furious families are up in arms after being unable to obtain refunds for cancelled children’s parties.

Over the past few months, angry customers have bombarded Boomerang with phone calls and messages - most of whom have yet to receive a response to their refund requests.

Ms Boundey, of Ryeleaze, Potterne, said: “I have called them between 10 and 15 times, have messaged them on Facebook and emailed them asking for a refund but they don’t respond.

“There are loads of people like me who are in the same situation.

“Boomerang play centre in Melksham has cancelled parties which is fine but they are not contacting anyone regarding refunds or rebooking them.

“They don’t reply or, if they do, all people are being told is wait till they reopen.

“But no-one knows when that will be. Obviously, at the moment, some families could do with the money.

“It would have been nice to have had the £120 back to spend on Aston’s birthday.

“It’s just the lack of communication. No-one has heard anything from them since March. They haven’t even changed their Facebook page.”

Boomerang says customers are entitled to a full refund if a party is cancelled but Miss Boundey doesn’t know if and when she will get her money back.

She has since made alternative plans to take Aston and Riley to Disneyland Paris to celebrate.

Boomerang, in Merlin Way, Bowerhill, currently has a message on its website which says: “We will reopen once it is safe to do so.We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. For updates as the weeks progress, please see this website or our facebook page."

“If you would like to speak to a member of staff please contact us on Facebook Messenger. Thank you for your patience and solidarity at this difficult time for us all.”

The Gazette and Herald and Wiltshire Times has attempted to contact Boomerang as requested, but no response has been received.