RENOWNED ghost hunter Ruth Roper-Wylde is scouring Wiltshire for spooky goings on - and wants folk with ghoulish tales to get in touch.

One location that keeps cropping up is The French Horn - a former pub in Pewsey - now listed for housing planning permission.

"Apparently, the ghost is that of a former landlady who was in the habit of popping her head around the door leading into the bar area as if still checking that everything was running smoothly," said Ruth, who said she grew up in a house with a poltergeist in Bedfordshire.

"One lady told me that she had spent the night a couple of times and had always felt that the place had a real “atmosphere”. She said you could sit up there sometimes and there would be a really pervasive feeling of unease in the air, and things would bump and bang as if someone else was moving around on the same floor, even though you knew you were up there alone."

One witness said she used to do a lot of babysitting next door for the owners of the French Horn back in the late 1980's and early 1990’s, and that she had a lot of very strange things happen whilst she was upstairs looking after the children.

Another spot is Beckhampton, near the Adam and Eve standing stones, which, legend has it, marks the grave of one Walter Leader, who was framed for the robbery of a stagecoach and the murder of the coachman. He was hanged for his supposed crimes, and was pardoned shortly afterwards when it came to light that he had not, in fact, been part of the Cherhill gang who had committed the crime. Not surprisingly perhaps, he is said to still haunt this stretch of road. "Unfortunately though - he still gets listed as the “ghost of a highwayman” which I expect is particularly galling considering he was hanged an innocent man!" said Ruth.

There is a story that on the road, close to Limpley Stoke, a ghostly face once appeared in the road in front of a car, causing all the dashboard gauges to fail at once. And a witness also said that a side road off the A36 leading towards the village of Hinton Charterhouse - known locally as Hangmans Lane, and is said to be haunted by a female ghost.

And closer to Bath, on the A36, there are reports of an unknown beast said to roam the hillside Brassknocker Hill.

Readers can contact Ruth via her Facebook page.