THEATRE Royal Bath staged a second Red Alert campaign event on Tuesday to support the national campaign highlighting the creative and entertainment industry’s ongoing closure.

It once again joined theatres and entertainment venues around the UK by lighting up the venues across the country by lighting the theatre in red to draw attention to the difficulties which the industry continues to face, with the ongoing restrictions on indoor performances and social gatherings.

Many venues around the UK and in London’s West End took part on Tuesday evening, with everyone being encouraged to share photos of the lit-up venues across social media with the hashtag #LightItInRed

Red Alert was the second national event in the Light It In Red campaign, a joint project created and managed by Clearsound Productions Ltd & Backstage Theatre Jobs.

The first event which took place last month, saw more than 600 venues across the UK lit up in red to get the message out about the dire situation that the industry and fellow industry professionals are facing.

With continual changes to the government’s roadmap for re-opening theatres, concert halls and other venues, many organisations are facing dire difficulties in the coming months, even as lockdown is eased for many other industries and much of country begins to return to normality.

The vast majority of venues, producers, artists and freelancers still have no indication for when they can reopen their doors and return to live indoor performances and events.

The RED ALERT & Light It In Red organisers said: “The live events sector employs around 1,000,000 highly skilled people in the UK, all of whom have had no work for the past four months with little likelihood of restarting until Spring 2021.

“The sector includes a huge supply chain of companies ranging from event production, audio, lighting, video, logistics, planning, transportation and some of the world’s leading technology manufacturers.

“The campaign is being run by a large and growing industry collective of trade bodies, businesses and freelancers affected by the shutdown all working together.

“It spans online and social messaging, video, case studies and legal outdoor events to gain media attention. Our aim is to have financial support extended for the people and companies in this sector until they can return to work.

“The UK is regarded as a world leader in delivering complex events and we risk losing it forever.”

The colour red has been chosen as it traditionally represents ‘Standby’ backstage - at present, the entire industry is being kept on standby, waiting for further guidance, and crucially financial support, to get through the months ahead.

The lighting equipment for the event was provided by Enlightened Lighting Bristol.

More details of the national campaign be found at