A 'road to nowhere' in Hilperton has led to a row between a local businessman, Ashford Homes and Wiltshire Council.

Andrew Cresci, of Grangeside Workspace, is threatening legal action as Ashford Homes builds a road to its Cedar Tree Close housing development.

The road is heading for a wall with two pillars but will miss going through its entrance by about six feet.

Cllr Toby Sturgis, the council's cabinet member for spatial planning, said: “The developers are building the scheme in accordance with the approved plans.

“All residents were notified of the plans and there were no objections from the owner of The Grange to the plans at that time.

“We understand a wall and pillar has subsequently been built by Mr Cresci which now unfortunately obstructs the access.

"We have broached this matter with the developer who have informed us that they have highlighted this discrepancy with the neighbour and offered their assistance to resolve it.”

Mr Cresci said: "Everyone who has seen this agrees common sense should prevail and they should make the change on paper before lots of money and time is wasted.

"The high level drawings available from the council website do not show the road offset so it couldn't be seen until they spray-painted the lines.

"I sent our plans for the pillars to the developers in December last year; they came on site to view them in January and didn't say anything about this conflict. If they, as specialist civil engineers, didn't know of the issue how could we?

"We have a separate house purchase contract that gives unequivocal access rights that they are breaching with this road which is why we have solicitors involved.

"It's clear that proceeding with a road that ends up in a wall is silly so why wouldn't they try to resolve in the simplest fashion by amending the very end of the road before it's built.

"Things like this happen all the time with planning agreements as there are specialist planning vehicles to do 'on-site' changes with simpler approvals.

"The council have been supportive of this but Ashford Homes have told us they won't because it would slow their schedule."

Ashford Homes have been approached for a comment but have so far failed to respond.