THE new government Better Health campaign aims to seize the opportunity for a national ‘reset’ as we start to return to normal life after months of COVID-19 lockdown. The campaign is designed to support anybody who wants to reset or kick start their way to a healthier lifestyle, whether that’s getting more active, eating better or drinking a little less.

For those who would like to lose weight and live a healthier life, the campaign will be partnering with Slimming World, and local groups are eager to get involved.

Sarah Dearden, a Slimming World consultant from Trowbridge, says: “Obesity is a huge topic in the news at the moment with evidence showing that carrying extra weight makes it harder for the body to fight COVID-19, and with the government announcing brand new plans to tackle obesity across the UK.

"As one of the team of Slimming World Consultants supporting members in Trowbridge and the surrounding area each week, I know how truly life-changing being at a healthy weight can be for someone – and for their whole family too, because we know when people learn healthy habits around food and activity they pass them on to those around them too.

“One thing is for sure, in my six years as a consultant and as someone who has lost weight myself, I’ve learned that supporting people to lose weight is more than restricting unhealthy foods, banning adverts or simply telling people they should exercise more."

One of her members, Krystina, who joined Slimming World in 2019, is proof it’s possible to stay healthy in the current climate. She has lost four stone, a large amount of that during lockdown. She said: “My main aim to lose weight has been for health reasons, as it is for many people. Since having an operation on my knee in 2012, I have experienced ongoing issues.

"I was told by my surgeon that losing weight would improve the condition suffered with my knees, so I joined a Sarah Dearden’s friendly North Bradley group and I was amazed at how easily I could fit the plan around my family, it was important we all ate healthily together and there was no going hungry too! “It was such a comfort that Slimming World groups continued virtually during lockdown and I received lots of support and encouragement from my fellow members. I was so thrilled to achieve my four stone award during lockdown and I love the new me, plus my knees have improved vastly.

“I want to be healthy for the sake of my children and to be able to not let my weight and bad mobility get in the way of achieving this. I still have more weight to lose but I am proud of what I have achieved to date from my hard work and dedication.”

Sarah added: "We at Slimming World have always recognised that those who struggle with their weight need to be treated with compassion, understanding and care, and as well as the tools to make changes, people need support to make them and keep them up – whatever life throws their way. So we don’t tell, restrict or shame our members into action. We support, we share and we care… and it works!

“There’s no better time to start afresh when it comes to developing new lifelong healthy habits around food and activity, so I’d encourage anyone thinking of making the most of the current ‘reset’ moment in time to join Slimming World. Here losing weight isn’t about going hungry and moving more doesn’t need to be running marathons – unless you want to, of course. We know support is key when it comes to managing a healthy weight, and we share our highs and lows together.

"And, as many of the members of my groups have seen, when you lose weight you’re already doing one of the very best things you can to future-proof your health by losing weight and developing healthy habits for life.”

For more information about joining a supportive Slimming World group to suit you visit Slimming