THE wife of a Wiltshire Air Ambulance paramedic who was on a flight targeted by ‘idiots’ using a laser has launched a petition to get them banned.

Claire Tucker says she cannot sit by and do nothing as ‘senseless morons’ could kill her husband and father of her three children.

"They are going to kill someone," she said. "It petrifies me at the thought."

"I want him to walk the girls up the aisle. I can't imagine life without him and I get so angry with these people.

"If someone was to threaten their dad what would they think?"

In the fourth incident in Wiltshire this year, the air ambulance had to abort a landing procedure after being hit by a laser beam at the weekend near Trowbridge.

It was on a night training exercise when the pilot reported a bright flashing light in the cockpit.

Claire has now launched a petition and wants to get 100,000 signatures in order for the matter to be brought before Parliament.

"I went on Ebay and found that you can buy a laser pen which has a 50 mile range and only costs £12. Why would anyone want this? I want to get them banned for sale here and sent back from customs or destroyed.

"My husband is really angry and confused and a bit frightened about it. They can plan for bird strikes and the weather but there is no planning for this. It could bring them down instantly.

"I am just expecting that call - how am I going to tell my girls this? And I burst into tears when I think about it. My twins are only two and if he were to come down they would never know him."

Wiltshire Air Ambulance chief pilot Matt Wilcock said the charity had had enough of these incidents.

"We want this to stop," he said. "It is dangerous, and can prevent an injured or sick person from getting to hospital. Maybe they think we are police helicopters spying on them.

There is no way to tell the difference at night."