Vandals have slashed two banners protesting the new McDonald's plans in Trowbridge.

The two banners were displayed by campaigner, Ivor Drinkerwater, near the Longfield roundabout and the County Way/ West Ashton Road roundabout.

The banners, put up just a few weeks ago to protest plans for a new 24/7 McDonald's in the Tesco Extra car park, were both vandalised with one slashed.

"Someone slashed through it with a knife," he said. "The worrying part is someone is wandering around with a knife in their pocket."

"If they've got a grievance put it in writing to the council if they aren't happy with the work we're trying to do.

"Everyone has an opinion but you don't go around slashing other people's property do you?"

While he was unable to fix the banner but Mr Drinkwater remains undeterred and says it will remain at the roundabout.

Trowbridge Town Council will meet tomorrow (September 8) to discuss the McDonald's proposals during the Town Development meeting.