The head teacher at St Augustine's Catholic College in Trowbridge, which has had to ask a whole year group to self-isolate after five positive coronavirus teats there, agreed it was a shock to find coronavirus cases in his school so soon after re-opening.

David Forster said: "We're a bit shell shocked. All the staff have been working very hard to get term started and have done a fantastic job and students in last week have been very supportive and sensible – wearing their masks.

"I think that this happened at this stage is a shock but we were ready to go into partial lockdown again if need be. All the students will work from home, we've prepared for that.

"It's just sad we wont' see them in the college for the next fortnight."

Mr Forster added that the school had 'gone Scottish' and requested that pupils wear face coverings when they come into the school, when they go home and are in corridors.

Some commenters on the Wiltshire Times Facebook page believed that letters sent to parents stated that Year 9 pupils not in the same class as the child who has tested positive were to attend school.

But the Wiltshire Times has seen the letter that went out to parents at 2pm today (Monday, September 7), which says: "In line with the national guidance, we recommend that your child now stay at home and self-isolate immediately and until Friday, September 18 inclusive.

"No student in Year 9 should attend college during that period."

Mr Forster said that if parents have missed the notification, then upon arriving at the school tomorrow that child will be placed into an isolation room until the parent can pick them up. This same procedure would be carried out if a child begins to feel ill during school.

Mr Forster also moved to reassure parents that if they need clarification then the school will work with them to help.

He said: "We've done our best to reduce the risk as much as possible because the safety of staff and students is the top priority.

"We've put all sorts of measures in place to keep the site safe.

"For Year 9, we're sorry you aren't in and we look forward to seeing you in two weeks time."