Residents have praised Trowbridge councillors after they voted to oppose the controversial plans by McDonald's.

At Tuesday's (September 8) Town Development Committee meeting on Tuesday (September 8), councillors sided with the plight of residents in objecting to plans to build a new 24/7 McDonald’s in the Tesco Extra car park on County Way.

Campaigner, Carl Maddox, said that every councillor on the committee was 'a credit to their job'.

"The councillors all voted against the plans and a lot of residents came on, they gave their views and the councillors listened," he said.

"We can't expect a better result than councillors actually listening and looking at the plans themselves."

The motion to oppose the plans was raised by Cllr Andrew Bryant, who is the vice-chair of the committee and seconded by fellow Drynham councillor, Cllr Antonio Piazza before the mass vote against the plans.

On social media, Cllr Piazza wrote: “I know a few will be upset because of potential job opportunities.

“I brought this up at the meeting and said we don’t want to discourage employers from investing in Trowbridge. One of the big things I want to bring into Trowbridge are jobs.

“Also, I know the McDonald’s staff do their best to clean up Spitfire Park, but this community work wouldn’t be able to be replicated at Tesco Car park.”

Councillors objected to how the development relates to the landscape, existing development, its relationship with Biss Meadows and neighbouring housing and that it does not integrate into the setting.

Mr Maddox added: "Like we've been saying all along, we're not trying to stop any McDonald's from being built in this town, we're just trying to stop the location."

Cllr Stewart Palmen said: "The residents' inputs we had have been well reported.

"I voted against it myself based on the effect it would have on traffic and the noise pollution that's likely to cause problems from the immediate neighbours and its proximity to Biss Meadows.”

"It would be good to have another McDonald's somewhere in town but I don't think that's the perfect location for it.

"It would be nice to take the pressure off the one we've got on North Bradley Road."

The application will now go before Wiltshire Council's Western Area Planning Committee.