A TROWBRIDGE runner has completed a half-marathon run raising £300 for a mental health charity.

When Abby Silcocks, 38, learned that the Chippenham half-marathon was cancelled – an event she had spent three months training for – she decided to stick to her goals to raise money for Wiltshire Mind and created a course of her own.

On Sunday, September 13 Abby braved the heat to start the half-marathon, running from Paxcroft Mead to Bradford on Avon and back again; finishing the run in 3 hours and 17 minutes, a personal best, which delighted her.

Having run the Bath half-marathon last year Abby was concerned that running with no crowds to keep you motivated would be difficult but said that having family and other runners join in pushed her forward.

She said: “There was a lot of support going round and even random people were cheering me on as I went past.”

Abby, who is part of the Paxcroft Road Runners running club, was joined by fellow member Katrina Walley for the entire run, as well as other members at various points along the route.

Katrina said: “She’s an amazing lady to be doing what she’s doing. She is constantly pushing and pushing, as well as encouraging others.”

The run was also tied into the Trowbridge Apple Festival, where Katrina is a big part. Abby said that apples were there are various points in the run and they were taking pictures of the run to link in with the event.

Abby ran for Wiltshire Mind, which is based in Melksham, because she suffers from anxiety and depression and described the charity as being close to her heart.

“They do a lot of good,” she said. “They’ve been there to support me when I’ve needed it and I think with the current climate more people need mental health support than before.”

So far Abby has raised her target of £300 for the mental health charity and her campaign is still running.

“I’m a bit achy but I’m really proud of myself. It was a struggle towards the end by there was a big group at the finish line cheering us in,” she said.

“I wasn’t expecting to reach the target but everyone has been really supportive and I’ve had loads of congratulations messages today, so it was nice.”

To donate to Abby’s campaign click here.