MOURNERS lined the streets to pay their respects to a 20-year-old killed in a tragic car crash.

A cortege carrying Ryan Nelson made its way from Calne Town Hall to the Tesco superstore where he once worked, mixing among the usual busy town centre traffic.

He was one of four young men who died on August 16 when their car hit a house at Derry Hill.

Plans to play his music publicly at the funeral had to be cancelled after the mass gathering limit was cut from 30 people to six, but his family had it on in their car with the windows down.

A coffin adorned with UNCLE and BRO written in flowers lay inside the hearse. Along the route, passerby stopped in their tracks when they saw the procession and paused to stand in respectful silence.

Crowds of his former colleagues and Tesco customers waited in the supermarket’s car park to say a final farewell.

The shop shut as the cortege arrived and a longer route along the bypass was taken to allow small crowds of people watching the procession pass to safely social distance.

Calne mayor and friend of the family Robert Merrick said: “This was a moment of poignant reflection, the town was very solemn. Calne is a close-knit community that has come together to support the families. It was a huge shock to find out what happened on that Sunday morning.

“We expected there to be quite a big turnout because the books of condolence were visited by a lot of people who did not necessarily know them but wanted to pay their respects.

“Ryan’s mum and auntie spoke to me about what they would like to do and arranged the private funeral themselves. I’ve been supporting them and the other families as much as possible.”

The family say Ryan was a big football fan, supported Manchester United and Aldershot Town FC, and wanted to be a DJ. A private celebration of the young man’s life began after the procession arrived at the Royal Wootton Bassett Crematorium.

Ryan was travelling along the A4 with friends Corey Owen, 19, Matthew Parke, 19, and Jordan Rawlings, 20, when the crash happened in the early hours of August 16. Funerals for them will be held in the coming weeks.

Wiltshire Council chief executive Terence Herbert said: “This is a devastating time for those involved and our thoughts remain with the family and friends of the four young men who lost their lives in this tragic accident.

“Understandably the family and friends of Corey, Jordan, Matthew, and Ryan want to celebrate their lives. We are working closely with colleagues at the police to support them to do so safely and within the latest government legislation.

“These are unprecedented times and we understand this is difficult for those grieving loved ones.” Any donations in Ryan’s memory can be made to Wiltshire Air Ambulance care of Johnson and Daltrey Independent Funeral Directors by calling 01249 821200.