PLANS to create a £35,000 'living wall' in Bradford on Avon are gathering pace

The community project is being backed by Bradford on Avon Town Council and local residents.

The proposal is to build a vertical garden on the wall in Bridge Yard opposite the Co-op supermarket.

The wall is blank and is described on Google as 'the ugliest wall in Wiltshire'.

Living Wall community project leader Stephanie Edwards said: "We are delighted to be making good progress.

"After discussing all the options, the final decision laid with First Port, the owners of the wall, and the majority vote.

"The decision has been taken to go with the green living wall because of the biodiversity features and benefits.

"It also supports the values of Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon and supports the town council's commitment to the climate and ecology emergency declarations as well as providing a green heart in the centre of the town."

Bradford on Avon Arts Festival has offered £8,000 towards the project and residents have offered £2,000.

Jackie Allen, the owner of Piha in Lamb Yard, says another supporter has pledged a further £2,000, making a total of £12,000 offered so far.

ANS Global has been selected to build the wall as the company has a track record of creative and beautiful green wall installations around the world, including in some UK cities.

Ms Edwards said: "As we have this massive support we must continue to make this happen as there are many potential benefits for our town."

"Plants will be selected for maximum vehicle gases absorption and particulate trapping as some measure towards better air quality

"Plants and greenery are known to be good for well-being and the changing beauty through the seasons will improve the feel-good ambiance of Lambs Yard.

"This wall could become the most beautiful wall in Wiltshire and attract locals, and visitors from afar and local businesses will benefit."

The wall will include all types of colourful plants that will have seasonal changes and also include some LED lights

It is designed to include birdhouses and bug hotels to emphasise our biodiversity message and will engage with younger residents

The design will incorporate limited seating for shoppers an include spaces for a town map and updateable business listings.

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