Residents have given a mixed response over the pop up cycle lane from Bradford on Avon to Winsley.

Winsley resident, Bruce Moss, raised concerns over the safety of cyclists who use the scheme.

His said the bollards, similar to those seen on the Trowbridge scheme, make the road and cycle lane not wide enough for use.

Mr Moss asserts that for drivers it would be hazardous when passing or overtaking as he says the scheme has made the route ‘narrow and quite dangerous’ but added that without the bollards ‘it would probably be alright’.

Cllr Johnny Kidney put the scheme forward to Wiltshire Council to promote safer active travel on commuter and school routes. He said: “I suggested a scheme on this stretch to improve the environment for walking and cycling on the B3108 between Winsley and Downs View which was previously very intimidating with fast-moving traffic alongside a narrow footpath.

“Improving the environment for walking and cycling will be a huge benefit to the many young people from the village who use this route to get to secondary school at St Laurence, or would do so if a segregated walking and cycling space was in place.

“It should also have the added benefit of reducing car use on the school run.”

He added that from the start he was clear about the narrowing of the road and that a speed reduction – from 50 to 40mph – was successfully requested on the road.

While lighting was also brought up as a concern, Cllr Kidney said that the bollards are highly reflective which he hopes will improve safety for pupils as evenings draw in.

Pete Jobson, has praised the scheme saying that not only has it made the road safer, but it has encouraged him to ditch his car in favour of a bike.

He said: "It's actually made me use my bike a lot more often than I have done."It is a change, people have to reduce the speed in their cars and it does feel different. You can no longer get in the car drive on the road and switch your mind off, you have to think about your driving, which I personally think is a good thing.

"My daughter walks that way to school and she said just the fact that the buses and vans are separated from the pavement; she and her friends all say it's much nicer walking to school."

Mr Jobson added that when he travelled on the route at dusk he felt safe on the journey.

Parvis Khansari, director of Highways, said: “The temporary scheme on B3108 between Winsley and Bradford on Avon is part of the Department for Transport’s Emergency Active Travel Fund and encourages people who would usually make short commuter trips to cycle instead.“We have received several requests for cycling facilities along this route, both before and during the lockdown period.

“This is a pop-up scheme that will be in place for a minimum of six months, and we are closely monitoring its usage and traffic behaviour throughout this period. At the end of the six months, we will make a decision on the scheme’s future, based on our monitoring and feedback from all road users.

“The scheme was checked by a road safety auditor prior to installation and will be again once it is fully implemented. If any changes are recommended, we will make them to improve safety for both cyclists and motorists.

“Signs are in place at each end of the route to advise drivers of the new road layout, but we all need to be alert to what is happening around us and considerate of others at all times when using Wiltshire’s roads, including paying particular attention to any changes to the road layout on our everyday routes.”

“Drivers of motor vehicles have a particular responsibility to protect more vulnerable road users such as cyclists from harm, so please pay attention when approaching cycle lanes.”