A policeman who jumped into a freezing-cold canal to save a woman’s life has been put forward for a national police bravery award – for the second time in four years.

PC Chris Miller, who was nominated by the Wiltshire Police Federation in 2016 after risking his life to save a man who walked into a lake carrying a rucksack of bricks, will join officers from across England and Wales at an awards ceremony next year.

The officer is the Wiltshire choice for the Police Federation’s National Police Bravery Awards 2020, which are now expected to be awarded next year as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

PC Miller responded to emergency calls reporting a woman was floating face-down in the canal near London Road, Devizes, on a freezing-cold night in January last year.

He arrived at the scene to find the woman in the dark waters of the canal. She would not respond to his shouts.

According to bystanders, she had jumped 20ft from a bridge over the waters – despite the efforts of the Good Samaritans to talk her down.

Worried the woman would drown, PC Miller stripped off his body armour and told police control room operators he was going to get into the canal.

He waded then swam through the freezing cold water to reach the woman and drag her to the far bank.

She was still conscious but very cold.

He waited with her until paramedics arrived.

Wiltshire Police Federation chairman Insp Mark Andrews said: “PC Miller undoubtedly saved this woman’s life and risked his own safety in doing so.

“It was a bitter night, and she must have been close to drowning when PC Miller decided to enter the water. It was an action which typifies the professionalism and dedication of the best Wiltshire Police officers; he had no time to assess the situation; he just took control to save a life.

“We are extremely proud of PC Miller. To be nominated once for The National Police Bravery Awards is an incredible achievement in a police officer’s career. To be nominated twice is simply outstanding.”

He received a Chief Constable’s Commendation last year for his heroics in the Devizes canal.

His Wiltshire Police commendation read: “Chris showed considerable bravery and exceptional professionalism when saving the life of an extremely vulnerable member of our community. We could not be prouder of his conduct.”

It is not the first time he has been recognised for bravery. In 2016, he was put forward for the Police Federation’s national bravery award for saving a man’s life in Coate Water the year before.

PC Miller had been called to the Swindon beauty spot with a colleague in August 2015 following reports of a man in the water.

They saw the man, who was wearing a weighted rucksack, trying to swim out into the middle of the lake.

PC Miller waded out into the lake and grabbed the man’s rucksack straps, eventually managing to drag him to shore.