MEMBERS of Warminster Town Council have voted unanimously to consult local people on the council’s draft Climate Change Strategy.

The council is working towards the adoption of a climate change strategy after setting out its emergency climate change declaration in line with many other town councils.

The decision was made at the town council’s virtual full council meeting on Monday, September 21.

Cllr Steve Jeffries, chairman of the council’s climate change working group, said Warminster Town Council is committed to supporting the lead provided by Wiltshire Council.

He added: “The impacts of climate change are already being felt and will continue to grow in severity.

"Climate change requires everyone to work together to make adjustments to their lives, businesses or communities in order to secure a better future for all.

"The town council has already set out its Declaration on Climate Change. The draft strategy sets out the strategic aims for the council with regard to climate change.

"Once the strategy is adopted the council will also have an action plan which will set out how to implement it.”

He added: “Climate change and biodiversity are huge issues for Warminster. One only has to think of David Attenborough’s recent TV programme Extinction: The Facts, to realise than no-one is immune from the effect of climate change and environmental destruction.

“I remain however, optimistic that people working together can tackle these problems and deliver solutions.

“I hope residents across Warminster will take the time to read our Climate Change Declaration and look at the draft Climate Change Strategy and feedback their ideas, comments and suggestions.

“Even if people just want to express their support for the way ahead we have mapped out, that is very useful for the council to know. The strategy is a draft which will be reviewed in light of all the comments received.”

Both the draft Climate Change Strategy and the Climate Change Declaration can be viewed on the town council’s website.

Residents have until Friday, October 23 to submit their comments, which can be sent via email to or via letter to: Warminster Town Council, The Civic Centre, Sambourne Road, Warminster BA12 8LB.