We always enjoy reading your comments on our stories. So here are some of the comments you made, taken from our social media pages and website over the past week.

Our story about Trowbridge residents and cyclists being unimpressed by the new Hilperton Road cycle lane got you going.

Cycle lanes have been marked off at the town end of the road on both sides, but further up, towards the Elizabeth Way roundabout, there are no lanes, just cycle symbols painted on the road.

N1GEL: These half-baked schemes have been popping up all over, not just in Wiltshire, and are by and large a huge waste of OUR money. The government has been offering councils the cash though in the name of Covid, and councils are quick and greedy to grab the 'free cash' and squander it on futile projects such as this. The painting of the cycle motifs on the narrower sections of Hilperton Road is perhaps not such a bad thing as it all helps raise awareness and elevates the priority for those that cycle, but the half-hearted segregation where it is wider is a bad idea. Traffic normally keeps the carriageway swept clear of detritus, but as soon as an area is segregated, it accumulates broken glass, bits of metal etc and general automotive crud which will be no good for cycling on. Segregation can also prevent cyclists from being able to dodge potholes and dodgy manhole covers etc.

CHIPPENHAMFORPEOPLE: A so-called cycle lane popped up in Chippenham as well. On the only stretch of road that didn't need it (because there is already a cycle track on a parallel piece of open land). The cycle lane is only in one direction anyway and starts off after a difficult intersection and ends where the road narrows.

I am all for properly thought through, contiguous and integrated cycle routes where they are needed. This Chippenham example just shows how wasteful and out of touch the Council is when it is given funds to do something right.

BOY FROM WILTS: A pointless thing cycle lanes. Never used by cyclists. I have often pointed out the cycle lane on my way to and from work to the usual abuse of f*#* off filthy car driver. They want the paths but pay no road tax and hold us all up. Use the ones you have maybe our road tax will give you some more. Please respond more politely than when your on the road.

Sticking with road transport as a theme this week, quite a lot of you commented on a story we ran about

parking manoeuvres, gear changes and hill starts potentially being scrapped from driving lessons and tests in the next ten years - according to experts.

It is expected that by 2030 driverless cars will be on the roads across Britain, meaning driving tests will be completely different to how they look now.

DUNCAN MEPHAM: Perhaps learner drivers should complete a two part practical driving test like motorcyclists have had to for some years. Show competence at all basic manoeuvres, including the emergency stop, before they can progress to an on-highway test that would include a reassessment of some of the manoeuvres in 'real life' conditions.

CATHY ALLGOOD: So we are going to have even worse drivers on the road.

STEVE GREEN: Does it really matter? most drivers when passed their test completely ignore everything they have learnt and just do as they please.

And parking on pavements raised your ire after we reported that motorists are doing just that in Wotton Bassett.

DAVINA NORRIS: What do the pet owners think they have bloody tanks for dogs honestly... i am more concerned for wheel chair users and pushchairs, trying to negotiate around the back of a parked car with a pram and child is actually difficult and dangerous. Yes some street don't have adequate parking bays and others are to narrow to park on the road but being mindful of other pavement users wouldn't go a miss.

MARK STEVENS: A lot of streets are too narrow for cars to park on the roads.. So they have no choice but to park on pavements so the emergency services can get through! Plus the population is constantly growing and more vehicles are on the roads. One solution is for every house to have a driveway to park at least two cars, but not all households have enough space for a driveway, plus some households have 3 or 4 cars. It's an on going thing and it's going to get worse!