A GROUP of travellers have unlawfully parked on land next to the station car park in Chippenham.

Two caravans and several vans were parked on the site last night.

The land is opposite the Wiltshire College and University Centre and next to the Chippenham railway station car park.

A Wiltshire Police spokesman said: "We were made aware of this on Monday at around 2pm.

"However, we got a call about 12.30pm today about a caravan remaining on the land and a small fire.

"We arrived just after the fire brigade due to a report of a small fire on the land – the fire had been extinguished by the time we got there and I believe the travelling party has moved on now."

On Tuesday, police in Westbury dispersed a group of travellers who had illegally parked on land in the Slag Lane area.

They are now working with a private landowner to stop travellers illegally parking up their vehicles.

Concerned residents reported the illegal camp at Slag Lane to the local community policing team on Monday.

Police said: “The Community Policing Team are working with the landowner to reduce opportunities for any further encampments to take place on the land.

“The unlawful Traveller encampment in the Slag Lane area has now dispersed.

“A private landowner has been identified, with whom the CPT will be working closely to enact relevant legislation to disperse the encampment as soon as practicable.

“Please continue to use 101/999 as appropriate to report crime/antisocial behaviour to Wiltshire Police.”