Year 8 pupils at Kingsbury Green Academy are self-isolating after one pupil tested positive for coronavirus.

The Calne school has taken the precautionary measures with advice from Wiltshire Council’s public health team and asked all 150 Year 8 pupils to self-isolate until October 26.

A spokesman for Kingsbury Green Academy said: “The school has been working closely with Wiltshire Council to ensure high standards of hygiene and social distancing are maintained and all the necessary measures are in place.

“The self-isolation of the pupils is very precautionary to minimise any risk to others.”

Jason Tudor, Kingsbury Green Academy’s principal, said: “Having received the information at 2.30pm today (15 October), Public Health Wiltshire were very quick to support the school and direct all subsequent actions.

“This allowed us to speak to pupils before they left school and inform them of the disappointing news.

“Parents were written to within the hour with the information they need to support their child during the self-isolation period.

“I am deeply grateful for the ongoing support of parents who recognise that our safety measures have protected their children, as in each case that we have experienced this term, the infection was from an external source and remained an isolated case.

“We are aware these self-isolation dates mean that Year 8 pupils will be required to self-isolate during part of the half term holidays. We recognise this is going to be difficult, however it is important they follow the government guidance.”

Kate Blackburn, director of public health for Wiltshire, said: “This precautionary action is very important so we can keep the risk of any transmission within the school community as low as possible.

“We will continue to support the school so their high standard of Covid-19 measures are maintained. “