The new £508,000 Hilperton to Melksham cycle lane could see major changes to parts of Devizes Road for motorists.

The proposed cycle lane is part of a further bid under the Emergency Active Travel Fund to create a ‘continuous cycle route’ from Devizes Road in Hilperton to Melksham.

If the bid is successful, the point closure, west of the Stourton Park roundabout, is intended to create quiet area for cyclists were cars and other vehicles cannot pass through – similar to the bus gate in Semington, where only buses and cycles can go through that point.

A Wiltshire Council spokesman said: “This would prevent through traffic on Devizes Road but would maintain two-way traffic flow either side of the closure point in order to maintain access for residents.

If approved the funds will go towards widening the footways to provide sections of shared use, the point closure, upgrading of the surfacing on the existing byways, upgrade the street lighting, upgrading the crossing on the A350, plus signing and lining changes along the length of the route as required.

The current bid, however, does not include plans to remove the speed humps from Devizes Road.

Residents had been previously consulted on their preference on the location for the point closure and local councillor, Ernie Clark said he told Wiltshire Council they would get ‘less hostility’ if they put the blockage where the majority were in favour.

“The trouble is under the scheme the council don’t have to consult,” he said.

Cllr Clark also said that those who use the village as a rat run will likely complain, but added that he was not sure what the people in Devizes Road would think of the scheme.

“If it was part of a wider traffic calming measure in the village having sort the views of local residents it would go out for wider consultation.

“But it’s this weird system where they don’t have to have a proper consultation about it and it seems a little bit wrong that you can do things without asking people what they think of it.”