TWO TV documentaries are about to air highlighting the horrific murder of Calne schoolgirl Ellie Gould and the fight by her family to get justice.

Quest Red will show an episode of Britain’s Deadliest Kids at 10pm on October 31 and Crime And Investigation will show Murder At My Door introduced by former Coronation Street actress Kym Marsh on November 2 at 9pm.

Ellie’s mum Carole Gould and a number of Ellie’s friends from Hardenhuish sixth form in Chippenham co-operated with the programme makers and Gazette reporter Joanne Moore is also interviewed in the second documentary.

Carole said: “I am pleased with both documentaries as they highlight how something terrible like this can happen to any family.

“We were sent previews of both and we watched them with tears streaming down our faces throughout. But I am glad that what happened to Ellie has been highlighted.”

The Goulds, backed by the Gazette & Herald, have been campaigning since last November when Ellie’s former boyfriend Thomas Griffiths pleaded guilty to murder and was told he would serve a minimum of 12 years. Both Ellie and Griffiths were 17 and pupils at Hardenhuish when he stabbed her to death in the kitchen of her home leaving her body for her father to find.

Ellie’s family felt the sentence was far too lenient and attempted to get it increased but their appeal was not allowed.

Hopes were raised this summer when a White Paper promoted by Swindon MP and Lord Chancellor Robert Buckland proposed harsher sentencing for teenage murderers. Mr Buckland suggested it should be called Ellie’s Law.

But the detail showed that while young terrorists and those who go out armed with a knife would get longer sentences those who committed domestic crimes could in the future serve less time.

This is because the new rule would mean that teenagers would serve two thirds of the minimum adult sentence but the adult minimum for domestic killings is 15 years so teenagers like Griffiths who was 17 when he knifed Ellie to death would get a minimum of ten years.

Carole said: “It is completely wrong. When we were told of details I was so angry and upset. We don’t want Ellie’s name associated with it.”