TROWBRIDGE people who campaigned against the size of a housing estate planned near their homes, and the loss of green space it would mean, have learned the developers have now sent in a revised scheme with 10 fewer houses.
Coulston Estates has submitted a revised masterplan for new homes, access directly from the A363 Bradley Road and enhanced sports and recreation facilities at Elm Grove in Trowbridge. 
The QE2 recreation ground will be enhanced with improved drainage, as well as a refurbishment and upgrade for the children’s play area. 
The changes and new plan follows what the firm calls ‘a positive response to feedback from local residents and elected representatives’.
It includes cutting the number of new homes from 270 to 260 and introducing a spine road through the estate with a new access off the A363 Bradley Road. 
South West Wiltshire MP Dr Andrew Murrison said: “I’m very pleased the views of existing residents have been incorporated into the latest plans including access and the siting of the main road.”
Having submitted the original application for up to 270 new homes in October 2019, Coulston Estates says it has ‘continued working with technical officers at Wiltshire Council, as well as local stakeholders, to refine the plans in response to consultation feedback’. 
Stuart Jones, of Coulston Estates, said: “We are really pleased to have been able to refine our plans to provide a positive response to issues raised with us since we originally submitted the planning application last autumn. 
“Our project team has been working proactively with officers across a range of technical disciplines and we have held discussions with local councillors, the local MP and residents’ groups to identify and resolve concerns. 
“The final masterplan has benefitted from the input of all these groups and we believe it represents a fantastic response to Wiltshire Council’s adopted allocation for the site, delivering much-needed new homes, extensive new public open space and sports facilities, as well as protecting and enhancing the treasured QE2 recreation field.”
The Elm Grove land is allocated for residential development in Wiltshire’s Housing Site Allocations Plan, which was formally adopted by Wiltshire Council early in 2020, having been supported by the Government’s Planning Inspector in mid-2019. 
In the revised plans around 30 per cent of the new houses will be affordable and the development will also provide opportunities for young families and key workers, with properties available on the Government’s Help to Buy scheme. 
Since submitting the original planning application, Coulston Estates has bought more land to make it possible to create a road access straight off the A363, as town councillors had recommended. 
This will deliver a through route along a spine road through the new estate, which will also be used by construction traffic to minimise disruption for locals.
 which will minimise the potential for disruption on Wiltshire Drive, Drynham Lane and Dursley Road during the construction.
The tree-lined spine road is designed as a 20mph residential road and has been moved to the centre of the site, much further away from existing homes than had previously been proposed, in response to consultation feedback and representations from local councillors and Dr Murrison.
There will be significant landscape buffering and wildlife corridors between the new development and existing properties and new allotments are also included in the plans. 
Cllr Antonio Piazza, the Trowbridge Town Councillor, said: “I think the most effective plea was the consultation between residents, the local MP and councillors and the developer.
“The newly-submitted revised outline plan is the result of hard work by residents and rigorous campaigning.
“It is solid proof that campaigning works - kick, scream and make your voice heard if you’re not happy about something. You will be listened to. 
“Of course, I can understand that there will always be a group of people that won’t want development altogether - however, the site has been allocated by Wiltshire Council for residential development in the adopted Wiltshire Housing Site Allocations Plan. 
“It would be like trying to stop the tide. Instead, we should take away a positive in that this campaign has proven that residents can influence developments.
“I will be arranging socially-distanced meetings with concerned residents about this over the next month until the deadline of November 20.”
To view the revised masterplan proposals go to There is also an opportunity to submit comments and questions to the project team.