GROUNDS maintenance and street scene contracts in Trowbridge could be put out to competitive tender in future following a decision this week.

Town councillors voted to obtain competitive tenders, including those from in-house teams, for services transferred from Wiltshire Council, including The Down Cemetery grounds maintenance.

Cllr Edward Kirk told Tuesday's online full council meeting: "I am concerned that there appears to be an appetite amongst some councillors to eagerly take on all these services without looking at costs and value in detail.

"In particular, I am very concerned about the potential for our town council to take over responsibility for the closed cemetery as this has a considerable maintenance cost.

"Please can the council therefore demonstrate that they are giving the residents of Trowbridge best value," he said.

"The way to demonstrate this is to obtain commercial bids and, if required, the in-house team could put in a commercial bid. This would demonstrate the cost basis behind any decision."