We took to the streets of Trowbridge this afternoon to ask people their opinions on Wiltshire’s Tier 2 status.

The new restrictions will mean that people in Wiltshire cannot socialise with other households indoors, but can meet up in groups of up to six outside.

Shops, gyms and services like hairdressers and barbers will be allowed to open their doors again – as long as they are Covid-secure.

Pubs and bars will only be able to open if they serve ‘substantial meals’, and can only serve alcohol alongside their food.

Many people we spoke to were critical of the Tier 2 rating and were saddened to hear that they were unable to visit other households.

However, many business owners are hopeful that the opening of shops will help give town centres a much needed boost as the holidays approach.

Alison Diskett recovered from coronavirus earlier in the year.

She said: “I know what coronavirus is like and how serious it is, but we can’t keep doing these lockdowns and almost-lockdowns.

“I know people’s mental health is getting worse and during these darker days people need company. So I’m surprised we are still not allowed to meet people indoors.”

Vera Cole, 96, was walking through Trowbridge and had not heard the tier news.

She said: “People need to stick to the new rules if we want things to get back to normal

“I miss my friends. It is not nice to hear we still can’t visit each other.

“But it will be good to get back to cafes and restaurants and if the shops are open then that will help places like Trowbridge.”

This was echoed by Akin Aksoy, who works at the EveryDay Market on Fore Street.

He said: “We are preparing as best we can in the lead up to Christmas

“We’ve been open as we serve food, but it has just been so quiet. We don’t know if it will pick up, I don’t think tier 2 is good news for us but we still try adapt.”

Henry Herbert runs a hot food stand in Trowbridge, and added: “Hopefully tier 2 does mean more people in the centre of town.

“It’s been so quiet but I hope things pick up next week.”

One young couple walking through the Shires shopping centre said they were tired of the “mixed messaging” over coronavirus.

The pair, who asked not to be named, said: “It feels like the Government has plucked the rules out of the air, parts of the tier 2 rules contradict each other.

“If you can’t met with people indoors, then why are you allowed to be surrounded by strangers in a restaurant or a pub?

“We can’t keep going between lockdowns – people are losing patience.”

Nicky Sawyer is a key worker, who works at Tesco and Trowbridge Hospital.

Outside ASDA, she said: “I do think it is better to be safe than sorry. Coronavirus won’t stop at Christmas and we do need to prepare.

“But it’s far too cold to be meeting people outside. I don’t think the outdoor rule of six rule makes any difference.”

Meanwhile builder Kieren Lewis said: “I think people are getting tired of the rules and the back and forth between things being open and closed.

“I need to get my phone fixed for work but the Vodafone shop is shut, so I’m stuck until next week.

“I don’t know if tier 2 will make a huge difference.”

For full details on what will change next week, click here