Young Urchfont author Sophie Gray is "really proud" to have released her very first novel.

Infinity Spirits follows the journey of Holly Raider, who is about to begin studying at Mist Lake Spirit School when a series of fantasy-themed hurdles present themselves.

The novel is part of a planned trilogy, and available online.

Sophie, 22, said: "When we had to have our first dog, called Biscuit, was put to sleep, I came up with the idea of keeping an animals spirit alive by keeping them in a crystal necklace worn around the neck of a child. You could then have them with you forever, where ever you went.

"I left school at 12-years-old as I was finding it very difficult and was home-schooled. I then started to enjoy writing stories and came up with the idea for my ideal school, Mist Lake Spirit School in Infinity Spirits."

It was a family affair to then have Infinity Spirits go from a dream to a reality - with relatives pitching in throughout the year to help create the book.

Sophie added: "I like to write my story first on paper in a notebook. I then get Dad to check my spellings then Mum types up my story on the computer before we send it off to the publisher. I have no pictures inside the book as I wanted children to use their own imagination.

"The front cover was designed by me, my brother Christopher and his girlfriend Emily."

The 22-year-old has nearly completed a sequel to Infinity Spirits and been able to use lockdown as a chance to catch up on writing. Her personal favourite books include the Famous Five, My Secret Unicorn, Paddington and the Riverdale Pony Stories. She added: "I feel really proud of myself as I worked very hard for four years to complete the book. I was really excited to receive my published book in the post.

"I have just finished book two of the series, which I hope to get published next year."

To purchase a copy search Infinity Spirits online at Amazon, Waterstones or email