A group of "reckless and dangerous" motorists were trailed by police this weekend on Salisbury Plain.

Ministry of Defence Police (MDP) mounted an enhanced operation on the land on Sunday.

Five police vehicles and seven officers were deployed and quickly came across a group of five illegal motorcyclists.

One rider was stopped and subsequently reported for prosecution for no insurance or driving licence the machine was also seized.

One driver was discovered off road, and he was dealt with by way of a fixed penalty ticket for driving elsewhere than a road.

A report of vehicle nuisance was recieved; with approx eight vehicles within the flagged area.

Checks of some of these vehicles showed officers that they had travelled all the way from Surrey, and in particular Chertsey and Guildford.

From this point onwards several reports started to come in to the MDP from safety staff and members of the public.

The MDP continually disrupted the group throughout the day, separating them and not allowing them to settle in one area.

A video on social media has shown cars veering between paths with a MDP vehicle trailing them from behind.

The group displayed reckless and dangerous driving leaving the Plain to go through local villages notably Haxton where two drivers lost control due to speed narrowly missing a house, which has been captured on CCTV and passed to Wiltshire Police.

The cars also drove at speed over the Northern Transit Route (NTR) and caused alarm and distress to members of the public using the NTR, objects were thrown at police vehicles including a bottle and a cricket ball.

Assistance was provided by Wiltshire Police when the vehicles left the Plain.

MDP activities included:

3 x Fixed Penalty Notice Issued

2 x Traffic Offence Reports

1 x M/C Seized

31 x PNC Checks Conducted

2 x Stop and Search Misuse of Drugs Act

TASER and body worn video were deployed.

The MOD say they welcome responsible use of the Plain, but illegal and disruptive behaviour will, where possible "be dealt with."

Last week, Wiltshire residents spoke of their fear as a group of 4x4s sped through Redhorn Hill.

A group of around 30 cars, whose drivers were thought to be from Reading, caused havoc to walkers and cyclists alike who had to leap off the path to avoid being hit.

An MOD spokeswoman said: “We are grateful to the majority of those who access Salisbury Plain Training Area for doing so responsible and in accordance with the byelaws.

“This is crucial for the safety of the public and training personnel, as well as protecting the land from damage. In current circumstances it is also vital that everyone follows Government Coronavirus guidance.

“We encourage estate users to report illegal activity. Call 999 for emergencies, but for other suspected illegal activity on Salisbury Plain Training Area, contact the Ministry of Defence Police on 01371 854444. A detachment is permanently based on Salisbury Plain and will respond.”