VILLAGERS in Bratton have turned their redundant telephone kiosk into a Give and Take foodbank.

Residents are able to donate food stuff to the kiosk for people in food poverty to take away.

The mini-foodbank was set up by retired lecturer and writer Ann Monica, who has lived in Bratton for the past 38 years.

Ann, 68, said: “We’ve set it up for those who might need a little extra in these difficult times.

“It’s a lockdown production and I just hope that it will perhaps help those who can’t get out or who are struggling.

“People have donated food, nappies, dog and cat food, and there were even two bunches of flowers there today.

“It’s a give and take cupboard. You can take what you need and give what you can.

“It belongs to all of us, it’s not just me. I started it off with some food but others have been absolutely wonderful and very generous.

“Since we started, it has really taken off and people are using it.”

Mrs Monica also thanked Bratton Parish Council for the use of the phone box.

The council paid a nominal fee to British Telecom to take over the former kiosk which was rarely used and became redundant.

Modern technology means most people now carry mobile phones and other means of communication.