Snow showers are predicted for west Wiltshire this weekend.

After the harsh rain and wind earlier this week, the Met Office has put severe flood warnings in place across some areas of the Wiltshire.

More rain and hill snow is also forecast over the weekend with Wiltshire skies not clearing up until Monday.

Yesterday (Thursday) morning, the Trowbridge Neighbourhood Services team reported that the bottom of the town park, leading up to the Odeon on St Stephen’s Place, was flooded and completely impassable.

Harsh rains and high winds have rolled across the UK, and thousands were evacuated from their homes in the north west of England and Wales on Wednesday because of rising water levels thanks to Storm Christophe.

Today (Friday), the forecast is for sunny spells with scattered showers in the west of the county which will roll across the rest of the region in the afternoon, with the possibility of further overnight rain.