WILTSHIRE'S famous Westbury White Horse is to get its biggest-ever overhaul next year.

Donations of more than £30,000 have been received by English Heritage to help make the historic monument brighter and whiter than ever before.

Win Scutt, the national charity's properties coordinator, said: "It will be the biggest overhaul we've ever done on the site."

Mr Scutt says they are really keen to find a paint or a cement wash that will last the longer than two years.

English Heritage is looking for a sustainable solution so that it doesn't have to spend vast sums of money to restore it every two years.

The scheduled monument is believed to have been carved into the hillside in 878 AD to commemorate King Alfred's victory over the Danish at the Battle of Ethandune.

At 175 feet tall the giant horse is thought to be the oldest in Wiltshire.

Westbury Rotary Club led a restoration project in 2012.