ON Valentine's Day tomorrow, people will take a romantic look back at their first meeting - which is even more poignant for those who found love across a crowded dance floor, or over the noise of a live band, at a time when venues are closed because of coronavirus.

The Music Venues Trust, which is working to support our venues nationwide through the pandemic, have set up a platform for people to share their memories, and we take a look at some of the Wiltshire stories that will feature on #Venue Valentine

Wiltshire promoters Sheer Music are proud to acknowledge the place that roots music and entertainment spaces play in our daily lives, and our love lives. Kieran J. Moore, who began his business in Devizes and is now based in Trowbridge, said: "We’re delighted to know that two couples who met at Devizes music events, have had happy endings, with Matthew and Nicola Adams and Rachael and Adam Webb both meeting at shows and then getting married."

Matthew Adams and Nicki Stalham met in July 2005 at the Sheer gigs at the Bell by the Green in Devizes. They said: "We started courting in September and the live music scene was a huge part of our life during those early years. We've been together ever since and survived three years of living apart from each other while Matthew lived and worked in London and Nicki attended university in Winchester.

"We were married in July 2016 at the Tithe Barn in Bradford on Avon, and now live locally in Seend with our 18-month-old Hermione and two cats."

Rachel and Adam Webb, who shared their surname before the wedding, also met at the Bell by the Green in 2005. Kieran explained: "After furtively talking to each other online, the pair began to date, as Adam was a bass player in many local bands, including Deaf Next Door and Patchway Theft.

"Their eyes met over a crowded dance floor, and the rest, as they say, is history. The couple were married in August 2012 and have two children, Dorothy and Daphne. They still live in Devizes, where Adam is an extremely busy self-employed plumber.

"Over the years we’ve had many shows across roots venues at The Southgate, The Cavalier, The Lamb and even Devizes Bookshop where hundreds of people have met, laughed and loved every moment of being in the moment and enjoying the splendour of live entertainment, friends and companionship.

"We promise to return with live music and events, the moment these things can be done safely, and never again will we take queuing at a bar for granted!"

Debbie Barnett, landlady of The Southgate on Potterne Road, Devizes, recounted the story of Alex Mackay and Oksana Hodjuka, who found love when listening to aptly named band Daydream Runaways.

She said: "Alex Mackay, who runs Devizes Home and Garden Services, and Oksana Hodjuka, a stylist at First Class Hair Design, Devizes, got together at The Southgate on May 19, 2018, through mutual friend Nikki who works with Oksana.

"The gig was Daydream Runaways' first paid gig, with support from Ben Borrill. It was a perfect match, they both love live music and dancing, and were soon dancing together at the back of the room.

"As you can imagine we are missing our original live music and dancing so much, as well as the shenanigans and wonderful atmosphere of our little pub. It’s not a restaurant, it’s a hub of camaraderie, old friends, new friends, a buzz that you just don’t get anywhere else."