BUDDING readers in Trowbridge are being urged to create front covers for a book hunt on Thursday March 4.

Teachers at Castle Mead and The Mead schools are urging children to draw book covers and put them up in their windows at home for World Book Day.

The aim is to get families involved with the annual event to encourage children to read.

Leanne Cunningham, English lead for the Mead Academy Trust, said: "We are starting with children from The Mead and Castle Mead but would like other schools and families to get involved."

Miss Cunningham said: "We are hoping lots of children will do this, so families in our local community can go on a 'Book Hunt'.

"I am going to put it out on the book treasure Facebook page and What's On in Trowbridge Facebook pages to try and get lots of people to do it.

"Those children at school and working at home will do this before March 1 so they can take them home to put in their windows."