TROWBRIDGE Town councillor Chris Hoar has made a plea for anyone who has children in need of school stationery, toiletries or clothing to get in touch with a local charity that can help.

He has made an appeal for referrals on behalf of local charity Ruksak45218.

The charity founded by Rory Donaldson has a mountain of goods just waiting for someone to collect but needs referrals from social workers, churches, schools or housing associations.

Cllr Hoar said: "They have an enormous amount of items in stock that need to find homes. "They need people to be referred to them so if you know a child or family in Wiltshire who needs clothes, school clothes, stationery, books, sanitary products, shoes, toys or food items please get in touch with Ruksak45218."

The charity has been inundated with donations in recent months but has been unable to give-away all of the items in its stockpile because of the lack of referrals for individuals and families who are in need of help.

Ruksak45218, which is based on the Dunkirk Business Park on the Frome Road at Southwick, specialises in helping children aged between five and 18 who are still in education.

It provides items ranging from sanitary products and toiletries to clothes, books, games and school stationery.

In order to help a child they must first be referred and, if they are aged five to 18, reside in Wiltshire and are not funded by a local authority then they will be entitled to help.

The charity launched a new advertising campaign to reach out to the local community to let them know the charity has a huge amount of donations that are now waiting for new homes.

The campaign is designed to raise awareness and increase the number of referrals so they can reach out to the children and families who need help.

To make a referral, contact ruksak45218 on 07483 336862, or message them via Facebook @ruksak45218 or via their website: