WILTSHIRE’S historic Neolithic site at Stonehenge appears to be top of most people’s bucket list of attractions to visit following the end of the Covid pandemic lockdown.

Having been unable to travel as freely as possible for the past year, thousands of Brits and Europeans have begun to plan their post-pandemic holidays and create a bucket list of items they would like to tick off with any extra money they have saved during the Covid-19 crisis.

A new study by Audley Villages reveals which destinations and attractions are on our bucket lists, and exactly how much they will cost to complete.

In order to do this, the company looked into Google search data, Instagram hashtags and press mentions of 141 bucket list items including destinations, landmarks, theme parks and activities.

Stonehenge consistently comes above Buckingham Palace and the London Eye as the most sought-after British landmark to visit.

The research suggested if everyone who searched for Stonehenge were to visit the location once in their lifetime the attraction could generate over £34 million in revenue. With over one million Google searches Stonehenge is set to be one of the most popular UK attractions post-Covid.

Many of the attractions which Europeans want to visit in the UK highlight our rich history - and they don’t come at a high price point.

Visiting Stonehenge costs £21.50 per adult, while the State Rooms at Buckingham Palace will cost an adult just £26.50, and Hadrian’s Wall being free to visit if you pick the right spot.

When looking at which attractions people from the United Kingdom will be heading to, it appears we are a nation of adrenalines-junkies, as three of the top 10 attractions are theme parks.

Completing the top 10 attractions on the bucket list will set Brits back by £8,173.98 with a once in a lifetime Safari trip being the most expensive on the list at £7,775.

Brits have also been missing live shows, with both music festivals and concerts making the top 10, in positions four and seven respectively. Music fans will need £202.72 to enjoy just one festival and one concert post-lockdown.

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Top most sought-after UK attraction post-Covid

Ranking Attraction Google Search Volume Instagram Hashtag Press Mention Volume Entrance Fees

1 Stonehenge 1,649,200 5,200 13,669 £21.10

2 London Eye 107100 1,014,700 250,368 £24.50

3 Buckingham Palace 70,600 1,280,719 466 £26.50

4 Giant’s Causeway 12820 296439 15 £13.00

5 Hadrian’s Wall 13200 97665 16 £0.00