TWO villagers in Steeple Ashton spent a night out on the tiles last Friday to raise funds for a national charity.

Petra Brown and Rosemary Brett-Green slept 90 feet up on top of the tower of St Mary's Church to raise money for Comic Relief, although there was more chit-chat than sleep between the two.

With the help and support of Michael Moore and Reverend Oliver Learmont and the Parochial Church Council, the pair raised £2,000 with donations still pouring in.

Rosemary said: “We have been warmed and tickled pink by your response – good wishes, the gear lent and more offered, and a midnight feast from the small fry."

Petra, a nurse and used to working a night shift added: “I didn’t sleep but Rosie had quite a nap and didn’t snore.

"We enjoyed the clock bell booming; time passed surprisingly quickly. I’m so glad we did it.”

Churchwarden Michael Moore even rigged up red lighting to draw attention to the adventure.

“We had only said to Michael, ‘We could have a red light on top of the tower to show that we are there?’ It was magnificent,” said Mrs Brett-Green.

Mr Moore said: “Judging by the response, I think everyone has shared the fun of it and the church can be very pleased with the result. We’ve even had a donation towards the repair of the clock.”

Are they thinking of doing it again to raise money for the clock? “We’ll think about it when we’ve caught up on our sleep!” said Mrs Brown.