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ARIES: Monday’s skies bring levity to last night’s heavier moods, Aries. The moon meanders out of ambitious Capricorn and wanders into solution-seeking Aquarius, prompting you to focus on your long-term goals and to reconnect with your people. Luna spends the afternoon arm in arm with communicative Mercury, providing you with charismatic self-expression and the ability to handle mentally-taxing problems with ease.

TAURUS: You’re ready to kick things into high gear today, Taurus. The moon departs from melancholic Capricorn and bounces into logically minded Aquarius, turning your attention towards the current state of your career trajectory. It’s an ideal day for getting projects back on track that require mental stamina and level-headed conversations, as the moon’s alignment with expressive Mercury provides clear and calm communication skills.

GEMINI: As a Gemini, you’d rather not spend your time dwelling on heavier emotions. Yet, this weekend had you doing just that. Monday’s skies lift you out of that headspace and refresh your mindset, as the moon moves forward into progressive-minded Aquarius. The moon’s supportive link with expressive Mercury makes it an ideal day for projects involving teamwork or simply re-connecting with your social network.

CANCER: Things might be off to a slow start today, Cancer. The moon slides from serious Capricorn into solution-seeking Aquarius this morning, directing your attention to your current psychological landscape. It’s an ideal day to keep a low-social profile and allow yourself to go deeper into underlying feelings (think: journaling, therapy, or seeking support from a trusted friend or lover).

LEO: It’s been a busy couple of days, Leo. Monday’s cosmic landscape works to re-route your attention away from work matters and towards relationship concerns. Luna’s entrance in your opposite sign of eccentric Aquarius finds your focus directed toward any untold stories simmering in the intimacy department. Fortunately, the moon’s supportive link with expressive Mercury makes it easy to engage in smooth communication.

VIRGO: Monday’s skies help you be your best self, Virgo. After a playful, carefree weekend, you’re ready to straighten things up and get your workload back on track. The moon’s entrance into logical Aquarius this morning helps you devote ample energy to anything on your to-do list at work. Luna’s uplifted connection with your ruler, Mercury, makes it an ideal day for any communication-based efforts.

LIBRA: This past weekend was a bit of a heavy one on the home and family front, Libra. Monday’s skies work to put you into a more positive headspace, as the moon transitions from serious Capricorn into levity-seeking Aquarius. You’re not likely to be in the mood for productive efforts or labor, so it's best to point your efforts towards pleasure, play, and creative action if possible.

SCORPIO: The last few days have been keeping you busy, Scorpio. It’s likely your craving for movement and interaction will fall to the wayside today, as the moon slides into level-headed Aquarius. It’s an ideal day to keep things low-key, expend effort towards projects on the home front, or reconnect with family members. Luna’s link with expressive Mercury makes for smooth communication over work matters.

SAGITTARIUS: Monday’s skies see you craving insight and movement, Sagittarius. The moon departs from heavy Capricorn and slides into connection-seeking Aquarius. It’s likely to be a busy day socially, as important messages swirl in and out of your environment. Today’s skies offer ideal terrain for writing projects or having important conversations. Luna’s supportive link to expressive Mercury makes it easy to share your point of view.

CAPRICORN: You’re ready to start this week off strong, Capricorn. The moon departs from your sign this morning, lightening your mood and re-balancing your emotional responses. Luna moves forward into level-headed Aquarius, sending your focus towards your finances, resources, and skillsets. The moon’s supportive connection with quick-thinking Mercury makes it an ideal day for dealing with mentally-taxing or communication-based efforts.

AQUARIUS: You’re breaking out of the hibernation cocoon you’ve been in all weekend, Aquarius. The moon departs from hermit-like Capricorn and slides into your sign, helping re-invigorate your self-expression. The moon’s presence in your sign signals a need to tune into your body, assess your health, and devote energy towards your emotional needs. Luna’s connection with expressive Mercury provides charismatic communication skills.

PISCES: Rest is key under Monday’s skies, Pisces. Don’t fret if you’re slow to start. You need time to restore your energy. It’s an ideal day to pull away and keep a low social profile, as the moon’s entrance into Aquarius promotes reflective thinking and solitary endeavors. Luna’s link with expressive Mercury makes it easy to engage in heartfelt, emotionally honest conversations.