A FORMER Trowbridge woman has raised over £1,400 in memory of her father to buy more than 575 Easter eggs for a children’s hospital.

Phoenix Peel, 19, set up an online fundraiser in memory of her father Nick Wynne who was well-known in Trowbridge for his charity efforts.

He used to arrange an Easter Egg run annually from Trowbridge to the Bristol Children’s Hospital that would attract motor cyclists and donations of more than 400 eggs.

Over a three-week period she managed to raise £1,433.35 to buy donations for the Sheffield Children's Hospital.

It has enabled her to buy 576 Easter Eggs as well as 66 teddy bears, chocolates and sweets, a craft set, an assortment of Body Shop toiletries, four Amazon Fire Tablets and two Nintendo Switches with gaming equipment.

Miss Peel said: "I know my Dad would be proud of me and I know he is looking down on me keeping me going every step of the way.”

She said she remembered being little and her mum taking her to the hospital in the back of a surround with Easter eggs accompanying the bikers.

Sadly, Mr Wynne died after a motorcycle accident when Phoenix was just a toddler.

She wanted to create her own personal fundraiser in memory of her father and arranged for Easter eggs for children at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital.

She said: "I live far away from Wiltshire now but wanted to kept the tradition going of taking Easter Eggs to children.

"Young patients at the hospital have not been able to see family members they would normally see to receive Easter eggs as a result of the pandemic.

“I did this whole thing in memory of my dad; I was only young when he passed away and doing this really made me feel a lot closer to him.

"It was such an emotional day filled with happiness. Due to Covid we weren't able to deliver the Easter treats to the ward but we were able to get a picture inside the hospital.

"It went absolutely amazing. Next year I'm wanting to go bigger and better. Hopefully, the pandemic will be gone by then and we can do so much more to raise money.

"Next year will be 20 years since my dad passed away, and all five of his children are wanting to do the egg run from the Kings Arms in Trowbridge to Bristol Children's Hospital in his memory.

"We have never all been together in the same place at once, it's something we're all looking forward to.”