OUTRAGED parents have been forced to clean disgusting dog's mess off equipment at a play area in Westwood only days after it reopened following improvements.

Teenage vandals are being blamed for smearing dog's mess from a nearby dog poo waste bin over some of the equipment in the children's play area.

Westwood Parish Council quickly put up a notice on Sunday (April 5) warning parents that the equipment had been vandalised.

Andy Langley, who lives next to the park where the play area is located, used his high pressure jet washer to make sure the equipment was cleaned.

He said: "Kids will be kids. This is the first time it has happened.

"They've smeared dog's mess all over the children's play equipment, particularly the climbing frame and the see-saw.

"It's only just been reopened following the installation of new swings. They've also thrown bags of dog's mess onto trees and on the roof of my house."

The parish council's notice said: "The play area has been the target of vandalism. Please be aware that dog's mess has been spread around the site and some smeared on the equipment. The older pieces seem to have had the worst of it.

"All the equipment has been washed in disinfectant but we can't be sure it is entirely clean so please use your discretion in its use."

The play area was reopened for the Easter Bank Holiday weekend after being closed for several weeks to allow £18,000 worth of new equipment to be installed. They included three new swings on wooden frames and safety matting underneath.