RESIDENTS in Bradford on Avon are keeping a close watch on a pair of breeding swans on the River Avon.

The female swan has so far laid four eggs, while her mate is defending the nest against likely predators.

Locals are watching events with mounting excitement in the hope the pair will manage to hatch some cygnets this year.

One of them is Wendy Burke who said: "After an unsuccessful breeding season last year, Bradford on Avon's swans are now nesting again.

"But the male swan is having a hard time defending his nest against the passage of racing canoes and people on paddle boards.

"The swans' breeding season is short. Plenty of time for water sports after the eggs have hatched.

"Please get the message out to everyone who uses the river - respect the swans, give them space.

"While we are at it - if you must feed the swans only give them swan food not bread."