A Pewsham man has become an unwitting social media sensation - for apologising.

Roy Cooper had a firework display from his back garden, but despite leafleting the neighbours, found himself the target of considerable Facebook criticism.

After he posted a lengthy, contrite apology, he has had more than 100 messages back, saying 'fair play to you' and 'thanks for owning up!'

Others said he was 'brave' owning up with other people saying 'well done' and 'a lot of respect for you.'

Roy decided to have the display to celebrate the first time since Christmas that he had seen his family.

"Lockdown has been hard for us all and this was the first weekend we could see one another -and it seemed worthy of a celebration," he explained.

He set off about 100 fireworks, including small fountains to barrage cakes and rockets, and thought he had leafleted enough of his neighbours in advance to stave off any criticism.

"We were shocked that some of the rockets could be heard 2.5 miles away," he said.

"The acoustics are most peculiar as others who lived far closer said they were undisturbed.

"This episode has ignited a lively debate around what it means to be a good neighbour and how far one's obligations to the local community should extend beyond upholding the law.

"Although I would be permissive of any neighbours choosing to host their own displays, my circumstances are not the same as many others.

"In future I would be more than careful to select quieter fireworks and fewer rockets, inform more widely and only conduct a display on New Year's Eve of Bonfire Night.

"Ironically, we have lived in Chippenham for almost three years now and my parents have encouraged me to involve myself more in the local community but I don't think this is precisely what they had in mind."

Amy Tuck wrote on the Chippenham Notice Board saying: "Fair play to you for having the consideration to pre-warn those around you and to explain it on here.

"You can't please everyone but at least you tried, and that says a lot.

"You shouldn't have to explain yourself, but it seems to be very well appreciated that you took the time to.

"We live near Westmead and heard them on Saturday night, but think our 12 year old collie must be going deaf as she didn't seem bothered. I genuinely hope you and those around you enjoyed the display."